Permeability Testing

In-house construction of the IMWS-laboratory


  • Test chamber, steel, interior dimensions: 240/240/100 mm
  • Pressure pistons (Fa. Festo): 2 x DN 80 mm, 1 x DN 125 mm
  • Measurement devices: 3 x pressure sensors (Fa. HBM), 1 x displacement sensor (200mm, Fa. HBM)
  • Data logging: MGCplus (Fa. HBM)
  • Control, data recording: standard PC
  • Volume of machine: 5.0 l
  • Additional reservoir: 20.8 l
  • Max. operating pressure: 10 bar
  • Max. dimensions of specimen: DN 150 mm, height: 50 mm


  • Determination of the permeability of concrete, cement paste, and other porous media
Permeability Testing (In-house construction of the IMWS-laboratory)
Permeability Testing