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Vienna University of Technology


Triaxial Servo-hydraulic Testing Machine

Triaxial Servo-hydraulic Testing Machine

Manufacturer: Walter & Bai

Technical data/ description:

Type DLV-250/DZ-10-D

  • Built-in load cells 250 kN/ 10 kN
  • Encoder 110 mm
  • Electronic rack (type NS19-PA-9)
  • Connectors regulator (type PCS 200 Dion Pro)
  • 2 pressure chambers, one for 10 bar maximum the other for 150 bar maximum pressure
  • pressure regulator unit (DV10/150)
  • PC assisted


  • Tensile- and compression tests
  • Quasi-static and dynamic loading in load- or displacement controlled way
  • Materials testing
  • Biomechanical applications