Ernst Melan-Lectures
Kumbakonam RAJAGOPALThe mechanics and mathematics of bodies described by implicit constitutive equations13.03.2019
Thomas J.R. HUGHESIsogeometric Analysis: Past, Present, Future05.10.2016



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Iwona JASIUKBone and Bone-Inspired Materials30.09.2019
Albert GIRAUDEffective properties of ageing linear viscoelastic media with spheroidal inclusions28.05.2019
K.C. PARKMethod of Localized Lagrange Multipliers and its Recent Applications: Multi-Physics, Reduced-Order Modeling, and Uncertainty Quantification 26.04.2019
Stéphane AVRILCardiovascular continuum mechanics and medical applications29.10.2018
Luca SORELLINew advances in the chemo-mechanical characterization of heterogeneous microstructure of concrete composites04.10.2018
Martin OSTOJA-STARZEWSKIRandomness in Mechanics of Materials … within and beyond the Second Law of Thermodynamics 27.09.2018
Cheng YANDevelopment of advanced manufacturing and modeling techniques for bone tissue engineering05.04.2018
Surendra P. SHAHNanotechnology, Meta Concrete and Sustainability07.07.2017
Hans Van OOSTERWYCKComputational modelling and quantitative imaging for probing the cell’s microenvironment22.11.2016
Jin-Guang TENGStructural Use of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites in Construction 20.06.2016
Sergei N. LEONOVICHFrost Destruction and Fracture Mechanics of Concrete 15.06.2016
Zdenek P. BAZANTTo Frac or not to Frac? How Mechanics of Quasibrittle Hydraulic Fracture can Sway the Answer12.05.2016
Jaroslav MENCIKSources of Uncertainties and Errors in Nanoindentation 03.12.2015
Thomas J.R. HUGHESIsogemetric Analysis15.10.2015
Wojciech SWIESZKOWSKIA Scaffold-Based Bone Tissue Engineering23.10.2014
Chris MARTINFinite element limit analysis of geotechnical collapse problems in 2D and 3D17.10.2014
Thomas J.R. HUGHESIsogemetric Analysis18.11.2014
Marie-Christine HO BA THODevelopment of Subject-Specific Models with Material Properties and Boundary Conditions Derived from Medical Imaging02.09.2014
Vikas TOMARA Nanomechanics Based Investigation into Interface Deformation in a Set of Inorganic and Organic Materials 10.06.2014
Arnoldas NORKUSExperimental Investigation of Stress Distribution in Sand Soil During the Installation and Loading the Short Displacement Pile28.04.2014
Zdenek P. BAZANTEnergy-Inconsistent Objective Stress Rates in ABAQUS, ANSYS, LS-DYNA and Other FE Codes: Magnitude of Errors and How to Correct Them22.03.2013
Peter PIVONKAInvestigation of bone remodelling based on a systems biology approach17.06.2010
Bernhard A. SCHREFLERTCHM Modelling of Concrete and Industrial Applications27.01.2010
Lyudmyla VYNNYTSKAMathematical Modeling and Numerical Analysis of Elastic Body with Thin Inclusion25.11.2009
Adnan IBRAHIMBEGOVIC Computational Mechanics of Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Structures: From Material Heterogeneities to Structural Failure with Size Effect21.10.2009